If you’re a beginner to the Salesforce ecosystem or a professional Apex coder, having top 10 trending resources accessible to you is essential. If you’re a Salesforce Developer is a great place to start learning because it is helpful for both the firm and its indirect partners.

An immense quantity of Salesforce resources are available and highly diverse. The Salesforce platform covers several resources like blogs, forums, tutorials, virtual training, interactive training, in-person training, etc. Here, top 10 trending resources are mentioned that will be valuable in your near future. So that whenever you require, you’ll know where to go if you are snug somewhere, need some help, or want to learn something new. The Salesforce platform is the best.

Salesforce Developer site

Over the last year, the Salesforce Developers site has made remarkable improvements that permit you to access and use all the documentation whenever required on every aspect of Salesforce. Moreover, you may access the latest events, articles, and blog posts related to the Salesforce platform’s development.


Trailhead is a training or interactive learning platform. This is Salesforce’s first incursion into an interactive e-learning platform, and it’s done exceptionally well. It unites your developers, participates in challenges, takes practical knowledge, and earns badges.

Advanced Apex Programming

Dan Appleman has written “Advanced Apex Programming for Salesforce.com and Force.com” for the senior developer who is seeking that next step. This book goes above and beyond the foundations of Apex and teaches you how to think in new ways, resulting in more efficient and dependable code.

Salesforce Success Community

The Salesforce Success Community is one of the finest places to receive answers, no matter where you are in your career or what region of the Salesforce ecosystem you are in. The Success Community is Salesforce’s top forum-style website. Rather than assuming it as a forum, you can consider it a platform for asking questions, assisting others, learning, and pitching Salesforce feature ideas to the community.

Salesforce CodeTalk Live

CodeTalk is currently being launched by Salesforce. It’s a platform where developers can control their Force.com inquiries and get answers through a live call on a pre-selected subject. This platform is best for those developers who are starting their career in development, and you want to know whether they’re doing it correctly or not.

Salesforce – Stack Exchange

Especially for developers, Salesforce has created its own subsection on the Stack Exchange where developers can ask questions and get answers from Salesforce Development in exchange for votes. Although most of the questions are related to coding or solved with the help of programming, you can also ask questions about any customizations to Force.com.

Salesforce University

Recently, Salesforce training has been renamed to Salesforce University, which is Salesforce’s own training programme that contains instructor-led programmes that may be either taken in person or online. These seminars are designed to help you pass certain certifications or improve your abilities in a specific area. They provide training for administrators and developers.

Salesforce User Groups

Salesforce user groups exist in many forms and sizes, and there are over 200 of them throughout the world right now. User groups are gatherings that occur throughout the year at various times. Developers discuss everything Salesforce in this forum, which contains a mix of developers, consultants, administrators, and users. Here you may find the user group that is nearest to you.

Sign Up For a Free Developer Account

Salesforce, from time to time, makes updates or new features three times a year, so you can imagine how much innovation you’re losing out on if you’re not using this platform. It’s certainly achievable with a free Salesforce Developer Account. This might help you remain on top of all the most recent trends and developments. Here you can get the complete company capability of Salesforce for free and learn the ins and outs of Salesforce through trial and error.

Force.com Platform Fundamentals

Force.com is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) tool that facilitates developing and deploying cloud-based apps and websites. Developers may use the cloud IDE to construct apps and websites and deploy them briskly to Force.com’s multi-tenant servers. It gives a complete overview of cloud-based bespoke application development. The declarative parts of the Force.com platform are thoroughly covered in this book.

Force.com Books, Recommended by Salesforce

The Force.com book is an essential model for anybody interested in making a career in Salesforce. It’s the most useful book for the Salesforce certification, and it gives you a basic understanding of cloud programming. It covers the principles of creating tailored cloud apps. This is a chosen collection of books that will help you build on Salesforce.

Developer Workbooks, Provided by Salesforce

It’s a set of books given to a developer by Salesforce. The Force.com The Workbook is a collection of incremental lessons that guide you through the process of creating and deploying a basic application. This is an excellent place to begin.

Search for a Salesforce User Group

Salesforce’s user community is one of the factors that makes it such amazing technology, with Salesforce user groups springing up all over the world to assist and motivate fellow members of the ecosystem. Find other Salesforce aficionados by locating a local user group that you can join to meet and learn from other Salesforce developers.


In this blog, developers get comprehensive details about Salesforce Resources. If you want to get a grip on coding, then the Salesforce platform is best for learning or future growth. Above are the top 10 trending resources that will help the Salesforce developer learn something new about coding and will help beginners grow.



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