For all professional web and graphic designers and who intend to make a career in web designing, 99designs Platform is the world’s largest marketplace for creating graphics, and design. It lets designers connect with businesses and vice versa seeking custom design work for websites, logos, branding materials, and including all other designing needs.

Whether you are a business seeking designing work or a professional designer looking for a design project, 99designs gives you a great opportunity to reach clients across the globe.

So, if you have been researching a designing platform to generate capital, the below-mentioned information about the 99designs will certainly help you in getting the attributes about the tool and let you make the decisions faster.

In this post, I am covering the 99 designs’ services, prices, how it works, and benefits.

I and my entrepreneurial team were planning to begin an IT business consulting firm. And, for that, we needed full functional yet flawless web design and development work.

When it comes to  Web development tasks, we had assistance from some expert developers but were struggling a lot to find a professional designer who would build a design that fulfills the website’s requirements.

By performing a lot of research online, I come to know about And when I explored the 99 designs, you guys got to trust us that, we got an excellent platform to bring off what we have thought for our IT consulting business.

In addition, how fruitful this platform has been for our team in our web design project.

So, what exactly is 99design?

99designs is a platform to connect with web designers to create unique UI/UX Designs such as website designs, landing pages, Creative logo designs, branding materials, and more. It’s a kind of marketplace where a community of business owners and individual designers connect to do business.

On the platform, business owners can access a pool of creative yet skilled web designers who deliver a range of graphic designs including websites, logos, business cards, advertisements, brochures, reports, etc. that suit their business needs.

On the other hand, designers and individual freelancers can also connect with business owners, submit their portfolios, connect with clients, and get compensation for their work.

How Much Do 99 Designs Cost?

When it comes to pricing, 99designs offers various design pricing depending on the size of the project. Plus, the price also depends on whether or not you hire a freelancer designer.

Logo designs start from $299 and go up to $1,299. The logo designs are categorized as:

  • Bronze: US$299

  • Silver: US$499

  • Gold: $899

  • Platinum: US$1,299

Whereas, web page design pricing is offered from the price range – $599. Other designing packages are categorized as:

  • Bronze: US$599

  • Silver: US$899

  • Gold: US$1,599

  • Platinum: US$2,499

Each of the above-mentioned pricing packages offers decent services. The higher the package you prefer, experienced designers you will get. If you prefer a less pricing package, your project will be handled by a fresher or designer with a mediocre experience.

Moreover, when you collaborate with a designer for any project, you get an assigned manager for the designing process making your task more authentic.

How 99designs does Works?

According to 99designs, there are the following steps involved in the design process.

Step: 1

You as a business owner begin by creating a design brief explaining your idea of the implementation to designers. The brief must be in detail such as style, colors, visual elements, and more.

Step: 2

In step 2, you can either hire an individual designer or create a design contest where you ask to submit design ideas for your project from multiple designers. The designers then put their best to create a brief design to showcase.

Step: 3

Once you find the best idea for your project, you can provide your feedback, and make payment to commence the project.

How Long Does 99designs Take?

Stage 1: Qualifying Round (4days): Designers submit their designs; you provide feedback and choose up to 6 final designers to compete in the last round
Stage 2: Final Round (3 days): You then coordinate with designers to discuss and revise the design until you are sure to pick a winner.
Stage 3: Finalization (Up to 5days): Once you will choose the winner, your designer will send the final work.

Pros of 99designs Platform:

The main pros of 99designs are:
  • Money-Back Guarantee on designing packages

  • Immediate access to a creative pool of designers

  • Design expert consultation

  • Final design copyright ownership

  • Dedicated manager

  • Option to run a contest to choose the best of all

Benefits you get with 99designs:

  • Unique design contest approach

  • The huge number of graphic designers

  • Quality work at its best

  • Convenient yet cost-effective

  • Customer support via phone or online

Bottom Line:

Overall, to us, the 99designs Platform proved to be a fantastic platform to achieve designing objectives for web platforms. The wide base of professional designers allows you to pick the right option for your design project. The design pricing too is well organized and divided into packages that one can opt for according to budget and business requirements.

So, if you are searching for high-quality web design work for your next web project, I would strongly recommend to take your business to the next level.



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