Augmented reality (AR) is a visual technology that overlays digital information in the real world with computer-aided perception. Usually, AR glasses, software, and hardware are used in combination to achieve the desired result. This type of tool helps the user visualize the content and interact with it. It will increase user engagement. So, how can you use AR and incorporate it with SEO for cleaning services?

Let’s see.

First, you can use your training program to visually guide your employees and staff members about the workings and functionalities of modern cleaning machines and tools. This will not just save you time but also resources. Another way to save time and resources is to hire an agency with expertise in cleaning company SEO.

Cleaning companies can integrate AR into their websites so that customers can interact with their services virtually. You can also use remote guidance for your working staff. “How?” you may ask.

Well, you can use AR tech gear for your staff and guide them step-by-step on how to do their task efficiently. This will enable them to finish tasks on time and operate cleaning machines efficiently.

Let’s dive deep into how you can use augmented reality to enhance the user experience, as a virtual tour, and much more.

II. Understanding Augmented Reality (AR)

Simply put, AR is anything that transforms and enhances the user experience by adding little details to the physical picture of the user. There are five types of AR, namely:

  • Marker-based AR is based on recognizing images, like QR codes, visual markers, etc.
  • Marker-less AR is based on mobile hardware and software like accelerometers or GPS.
  • Projection-based AR is based on displaying 3D content on a flat surface.
  • Superimposition-based AR is based on displaying content over a physical area.
  • Location-based AR: based on geographical location The most famous one is the Pokémon Go game.

After AI, if there is anything that most of the giant tech Companies are chasing for AR/VR (augmented reality/virtual reality). And that is for a solid reason. The next big thing is going to be AR/VR. So, how does AR enhance user experiences in various industries? Let’s find out.

For cleaning companies, training can be extremely costly. In fact, most of the revenue will depend on how well-trained your employees are. With a properly programmed AR headset, you can guide your new employees to perform a specific task efficiently. You can further add training programs that involve the use of commercial-grade cleaning equipment.

Following are a few devices that are currently making headlines about AR:

  • Microsoft HoloLens
  • Google Glass
  • Smart Glasses
  • Apple Vision Pro, etc., are a few to be named.

These gadgets are designed to project content like text detailing or images over what you look at in the physical world. These remarkable tools, however, are just in their infancy stage.

III. The Evolving Landscape of SEO

Back in the early 2000s, SEO was only about putting some keywords into your website for ranking. And for a while, that worked, too. But as the algorithm evolved and got smarter, so did the search engine crawlers. So, is SEO irrelevant? No, but more have been added to the picture.

Nowadays, the user prefers to interact and engage with the content. So, how can you do that? Simply add an adequate amount of animation that is visually appealing and creative and does not delay that load time. You can find cleaning company SEO services online or near you to accomplish this task.

They will aid your revenue by adapting your website and social media posts with interactive videos, hover and on-click visual animations, and much more. You see, almost 81% of marketers find interactive content more effective in grabbing their audience’s attention.

According to research, 72% of people prefer mobile-friendly websites. And around 73.1% of visitors leave the webpage due to non-responsive web design. Animating specific components or sections of your website will boost the user experience, which will bring more organic traffic to your website. This implies more sales. Isn’t that great?

You can make the following adaptations to your website:

  • Dynamic scrolling
  • Hover-triggered pop-ups
  • 3D effects
  • Customized cursor
  • Customized loading icon (e.g., for your cleaning company, you can use a mop to clean an area rather than a plain old loading circular image)

IV. AR’s Impact on Cleaning Services

Cleaning companies can use AR glasses or devices to superimpose information on a physical view. The data could be in the form of small text, visual clues, audio directions, etc. You can direct project-related particulars in real-time.

For example, the area that has been cleaned can be marked as green, and the uncleaned one can be marked as red. In this way, workers will have explicit knowledge of work done and work to be done. Not only that, workers can coordinate with each other using AR devices, too.

So, a question that must come to your mind is, “How can AR enhance customer engagement and interaction?”. Hmm, let’s see. You can use AR.

  • to train your new employees and upskill your current employees.
  • to maintain logistic and warehouse records.
  • as a remote customer support via visual guide.

Very recently, a company named TechSee successfully integrated AR into their services. Their open integration platform puts customer visual interactions at the center. It has over 30 million visual sessions logged annually.

V. AR-Powered Virtual Tours and Demonstrations

As a cleaning service, you can use a virtual tour to demonstrate your cleaning service performance and how efficiently your staff works. It will give an insight into your company’s working principles and thereby solidify your brand name.

You can show your customer a tidy vs. untidy room with a quick visual demonstration. This will reflect your work potential and help you gain new clients. In case you find this a little hard to grasp, don’t worry. You can avail of the services of a cleaning services SEO agency.

Once your client sees a visual demo, they will be willing to apply for your cleaning services. Do not forget to add a clean infographic on your website about the cleaning procedure from start to finish. A short yet descriptive detail about your company’s working profile You can share this on social media platforms, too.

VI. Visualizing Cleaning Solutions with AR

By integrating augmented reality (AR) devices with custom software, you can display the specific cleaning products required to remove stains in different areas of a house. This virtual presentation can give customers a clear idea of the effectiveness of your services. You can take it up a notch by demonstrating the benefits of efficient cleaning methods to illustrate how they can save time and effort.

As a cleaning company, you can use augmented reality to provide step-by-step cleaning guides. When your staff arrives at the designated house for cleaning, you can provide instructions and guidelines to them via an AR device.

Usually, they will have to look into the manual, which would be a waste of time and human resources. With AR tools, you can equip them with all the information available at their disposal. This will boost the service quality, customer rating, and revenue.

VII. Local SEO and AR Integration

You can integrate location-based AR with local SEO for improved results. When a user searches for you,

  • The physical site can be directed to them so that they can come to your location to seek services.
  • They can find out how far your office is to have a guesstimate for your arrival time.

Here are some of the finest examples of how customers can engage with AR content. In 2015, Home Depot launched an app called Project Color App. Customers can use this patented technology to decide which paint color will look good in their home in real life. Other brands, like Ikea, Sephora, etc., also use virtual try-ons for customers before buying.

Engaging local customers with AR content can lead to more customer acquisition for a cleaning business. Customers can scan their homes to virtually see which area needs a thorough cleaning and which cleaning method will work best. They can also see an estimated time in which work can be completed.

When you integrate your website or app with AR, more consumers will like to interact with it. This will help you gain more visibility. You will need relevant SEO for the cleaning company to make your AR visible.

As more people discover you, your business will grow. One way to do this is by hiring an agency that can handle SEO services on your behalf so that you can use your time to grow your business.

VIII. AR-Optimized Content Creation

You can create AR-compatible content for your cleaning company’s website. You see, AR does not require any additional hardware to work. So, clearly, you won’t need to invest heavily in it. However, it is going to need software services to be AR-compatible, like:–

  • Motion Tracking
  • Image Reading
  • Light Estimate
  • Environmental Understanding.

According to a poll, 66% of buyers believe that they would be more likely to buy a product if it was coupled with 3D or augmented reality technology for their interaction.

Web-based augmented reality (WebAR) is a way in which you can deliver an online AR experience directly via a web browser. In this way, anyone who wants to use cleaning company services does not need to install any app. WebAR can reach 92% of the potential users.

Some examples are Ikea, Target, Sephora, etc.

IX. Technical Considerations for AR SEO

So, can you just use plain old SEO techniques for AR content? Certainly not. Even though they may be helpful in a secondary place, you would need to modify your website’s structured data and its metadata so that Google’s crawler can read the AR-related information. It will increase your SERP ranking.

Not just that, you will need to optimize your AR-related content for mobile and tablet devices. It is very likely that many of your customers will search for cleaning companies via their mobile phones.

Since AR delivers a visual experience, the chances of it slowing down your page loading can be high. Hence, you will need services to optimize your website speed to reduce bounce rates. You can also chat with a reputed SEO agency for your work.

X. User-generated AR Content and Reviews

Augmented reality (AR) isn’t just a tool for businesses; it can also involve your customers and help improve your cleaning service’s online presence. Here’s how you can encourage customers to create AR content and utilize AR-powered reviews and testimonials:

1. Encouraging customers to create AR content related to cleaning services

Augmented reality allows your customers to share their cleaning experiences in a fun and interactive way. Here are some ways to encourage them:

  • AR Filters and Effects: Create AR filters and effects related to cleaning services. Encourage customers to use them in their photos and videos when showcasing their clean homes or offices. Offer rewards or discounts for sharing AR-enhanced content.
  • Contests and Challenges: Organize AR-based contests or challenges where customers can compete by creating the most creative AR content related to your cleaning services. Share the best entries on your social media and website.
  • User-Friendly Apps: Develop a user-friendly AR app that customers can easily use to add cleaning-related AR elements to their photos and videos. Provide tutorials and support to help them get started.

2. Utilizing AR-powered reviews and testimonials

AR can make your customer reviews and testimonials more engaging and trustworthy.

  • AR-Enhanced Testimonials: Encourage customers to provide video testimonials with AR elements. They can show before-and-after shots of their cleaned spaces or even use AR to highlight the areas you’ve worked on.
  • Interactive Reviews: Create an AR experience where potential clients can scan customer reviews using their smartphones. When they do, they see AR elements that provide additional information or visuals related to the review.
  • AR Ratings: Implement AR ratings for specific cleaning services. For example, customers can scan a QR code on their cleaning invoice to give a rating, and an AR overlay can show their satisfaction level.

3. Enhancing user trust and credibility through user-generated AR

User-generated AR content can significantly boost trust and credibility.

  • Authenticity: User-generated content is seen as more authentic than brand-generated content. When customers share their AR-enhanced cleaning experiences, it builds trust among potential clients.
  • Social Proof: When people see others using AR to showcase your cleaning services, it serves as social proof of your quality. It makes them more likely to choose your services.
  • Community Building: Encourage a sense of community among your customers who use AR. Share their content on your social media and website, and create a community where they can interact and share their experiences.

Incorporating user-generated AR content and reviews into your SEO strategy can set your cleaning service apart from the competition and provide potential customers with a unique and engaging way to learn about your services.

XI. AR Analytics and Performance Tracking

You can interconnect your webAR (website with AR) with Google Analytics to know which pages are being visited more often, which ones are not, your website’s heat area, etc. This will give you an overall idea of how to manage your website and which areas need attention. You can get an expert in SEO for cleaning company services online for help.

It would help if you tracked your user engagement, interaction, and conversion rates. This will help you develop a strategy for your target audience. You can use AR performance metrics like Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) to know how fast you collect payments, the average number of days it takes to get paid, etc. The lower the DSO, the better it is.

XII. Future Trends and Implications

Not only will AR be more interactive for your consumers, but they can also use it to learn more about your offers. They can find you on the map via Google Business Profile and know about your company before visiting. WebAR can broaden the impact of AR on the digital marketing landscape. The sooner you adapt, the better it will be.

Final Takeaways

In an interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that AR will become as essential as eating three meals a day, which is a part of people’s daily lives. To run a profitable business, you must incorporate all current trends into your website and keep a keen eye on futuristic technologies. You are staying ahead in the evolving digital landscape by integrating augmented reality with your website for a healthy profile of your business.



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