Digital transformation has evolved a lot and has enabled many industries to operate exceptionally using digital technologies. Among the several industries, fintech software development companies in the USA are experiencing swift growth nowadays. Advancement in these firms is taking a next-level growth that is meant to help financial institutions, wealth management firms, banking sectors, insurance companies, and their clients to transform their services and offerings.

With the blooming of Fintech across the globe, financial services have become more fast, secure and reliable than it was before. From the preceding past years, there have been several new implementations and innovations made in the field of financial software. Many fintech firms have succeeded to surpass traditional financial methods and can deliver innovative financial solutions.

Here are the top 10 FinTech Software Development Companies in the USA that will help you in deciding which is the right one for your business requirement.

1. Belatrix

Headquarters: Redwood City, California
Founded: 1993

Belatrix – a division of Globant is one of the top fintech software development companies. From start-ups to well-known fortune 100 companies, they have been a strategic partner for top organizations for the last 20 years. As one of the top-ranking software development companies, Belatrix uses a unique approach to deliver software solutions.

The company has headquartered in Redwood City, California. The top services of Belatrix include Cloud Technology, UI engineering, and Testing. Apart from this, the Fintech company specializes in Software Product Development, Software Innovation, Software Testing, Agile Methodologies, Testing Automation, Software Architecture, Mobile Development, Big Data, User Experience, Digital Experiences, and hi-tech data management.

2. Solvios Technology

Headquarters: Alpharetta, Georgia
Founded: 2016

Solvios technology LLC is the next best Fintech software development company in the USA that has positioned itself as a fast-growing technology firm in a short span of time. Solvios is known to deliver cost-effective software solutions to financial clients.

With years of expertise in software development, they are successful in bringing companies and customers together with an agile approach to transform financial businesses.

Their client-focusing approach is the strong reason they are serving start-ups, mid-size and large-scale financial enterprises successfully across the globe.

Their custom software development includes Web Applications Development, Mobile App Development, UI/UX, Cloud Services (Amazon cloud, Azure cloud, IBM Cloud, Google cloud), CRM solution (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 NetSuite CRM, Oracle CRM), including Maintenance and support services.

3. Sonic Jellybean

Headquarters: Alpharetta, Georgia
Founded: 2013

Sonic jellybean is a software development company known for strategic project management, flexible delivery models, and a broad range of technology skills. Their services include application development, mobile app development, enterprise solutions, digital strategy, cloud services, DevOps, UX/UI including maintenance and support.

Their enterprise solutions include, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, and Oracle. Plus, the Sonic Jellybean holds multi-disciplinary expertise in technology that includes PHP, .Net, Node JS, Frontend Development.

4. Intellect soft

Headquarters: New York
Company Size: 51-200 Employees

Intellect soft is recognized as a leading financial software development firm, according to Clutch. The company is also listed as a top software developer by Good firms. The company is known for the top-notch custom software development solutions for global and Fortune 500 companies. The company aims to deliver software digital transformation to assist the financial industry stay competitive.

Established in 2007, Intellect soft functions across multiple offices in the U.S, the U.K, the Nordic region, and Eastern Europe. The organization holds domain expertise through Cognitive Computing, Blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Customer Experience. In addition, the company offers software solutions to tech start-ups, small and medium-size industries, and large-scale enterprises.

5. Fingent

Headquarters: New York
Founded: 2003

According to the Good firms, Fingent is one of the best software development companies. The organization has won several awards and is known to be the industry leader in the competitive market. Also, the company has also been accorded as a top software company by Software Cloud, Clutch, and firms.

With its rich domain expertise, Fingent has become a reliable financial technology partner across the globe. For over 15 years, the team has assisted many fintech firms with a top-notch solution that meets real business needs.

Moreover, Fingent also has assisted financial managers based on advanced technologies like Robotics, AI, and Blockchain. They believe in delivering a personalized experience to the customer through CRM software, AI-powered chatbots, and custom mobile applications.

6. Side bench

Headquarters: New York
Founded: 2012

Sidebench is a strategy, design, and development consultancy based out of Los Angeles. According to Clutch, Side bench is well known as the best financial software development firm in 2021. The consultancy holds expertise in delivering business-driven financial tech solutions to meet the financial needs of fintech firms.

Apart from, according to the B2B platform App development companies, Side bench is one of the top 10 app development companies majorly for start-ups. According to Clutch, it is one of the leading custom software development companies in Los Angeles.

Their specialties include – Mobile apps, Custom business applications, User experience design, System integration, eCommerce, Web app development, Mobile app development, Tech consulting, Custom business apps, front & backend development, and more.

7. Swenson He

Headquarters: Beverly Hills, CA
Founded: 2014

Swenson He is also on the list of best financial software development companies mentioned by Good Firms. The company is a leader in developing cutting-edge mobile app solutions for financial organizations and Fintech start-ups.

The firm offers a range of IT services including iOS engineering, Android engineering, Node.JS, Java, Linux, Ruby, and IoT.

8. Spring Labs

Headquarters: Marina del Rey, California
Founded: 2017

Spring Labs is another leading software development company that offers secure financial solutions based on technology like blockchain and real-time data ledger. The company offers financial solutions to businesses with multiple products and income stability indicators to secure consumer data and transaction processes. Spring has redefined the way data is exchanged with advanced-level security that ensures consumer privacy based on decentralization.

9.Cabot Solutions

Headquarters: Highland Heights, Ohio
Founded: 2006

Cabot Solutions is another leading software development and consulting company that helps global clients with innovative fintech software solutions. Established in 2006, they deliver cost-effective software solutions. The company is known for developing world-class financial applications and custom software development needs. Their expertise lies in enterprise product development, mobile development, project management, and support services.

10. Itexus

Headquarters: Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Founded: 2013

Itexus is a custom software development company that delivers custom software solutions for start-ups and midsize enterprises across the globe. The company has profound expertise in industries such as Finance, Healthcare, Insurance, Education, retain, and hospitality.

They have a strong portfolio of fintech applications such as Banking, Credit scoring, Payments, Stock exchange trading, AI-powered virtual finance assistance, NLP, RPA, Personal finance, and more.

Their consulting and development services include custom software development, mobile apps, web apps, IoT, QA automation & testing, UX/UI design, cloud services, and DevOps.

Final words

So, these are some of the leading FinTech software development companies we tried to cover for you.

If you are seeking to begin financial software development project, you can schedule a meet with any of these companies as per your budget and requirement. It is for sure that most leading and successful FinTech companies will listen to your project requirements and deliver a solution you are exactly seeking for your business growth. Plus, in such a tech-evolving world, it becomes necessary to work with a firm that ensures a business-driven solution.

To find more information about the above-mentioned firms and their cutting-edge fintech solutions, visit their official websites.



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