Business applications have now become an essential part of several working operations. To deliver faster customer service, expand the audience base, create a brand image, and generate sales, business apps boost multiple growth opportunities. However, there are multiple mobile application development platforms that offer hybrid, native, and web apps for your business.

Here we have covered the top mobile development platforms with their pricing plans. This will help you choose the right app development platform according to your budget and software project.

Zoho Creator


Zoho offers a 15-day free trial with no credit information required. When it comes to pricing, it offers plans i.e. Basic (INR 400), Premium (INR.1000), and Ultimate (INR. 1,600). All the plans are per user/month and billed annually.

With 7 million users worldwide, Zoho is one of the powerful yet flexible mobile application development platforms for business application needs. Zoho is a multi-platform app builder that allows you to build new apps or utilize existing ones. Zoho is best for developing applications 10x faster for iOS and Android-based applications for your business.

The software is focused to simplify and automate tasks including application building for sales management, event management, order management, recruitment tracking, and more.

Zoho has the following features:
  • Create apps with fewer efforts

  • Integrated business data and collaborate across teams

  • Generate insightful reports

  • Instant access to mobile apps

  • Ultra-secure



JIRA offers a free trial of 7 days for a cloud solution. For cloud solutions, it will cost $10 per month (10 users). For the On-premises solution, it is $10 for the server (10 users) which is a one-time payment. For the Data Centers, the pricing is $12,000 per year which is for 500 users.

JIRA is another best application development platform that supports the project management process. JIRA can easily be integrated with developers, and also allows you to customize the workflow. To improve overall team performance, JIRA does provide features such as spring planning, distributing tasks across teams, creating user stories, prioritizing teamwork, and releasing the software.

The top features of JIRA are:
    • Customizable scrum boards

    • Flexible Kanban boards

    • Roadmap feature to draw big pictures and communicate planning

    • Agile reporting

Appy Pie


AppyPie offers a free trial for 14 days on all the plans. For SMBs, it offers 3 monthly plans i.e. Basic, Gold, and Premium.

AppyPie is the most preferred mobile application development platform which is best for small, medium, and large enterprises. AppyPie help in application building tasks for multiple purposes. From Payment app builder to Worship app maker, AppyPie consists of a wide range of app builders. It has app builder features for businesses such as real estate firms, restaurant owners, and software development organizations.

AppyPie has the following features:
  • It has a radio app builder

  • It consists of a prototyping tool for iOS and Android phone

  • It has an app analytics feature

  • It has features such as push messages, GPS, IAP & more



Appsheet is free of cost for the apps built for personal use or for a single user. however, it has 3 pricing plans i.e. Premium, Pro, and Business. You can start free with their Premium and Pro plans.

AppSheet allows users to build bespoke applications for businesses without making any effort to write codes. The mobile application development platform is driven by your own cloud-hosted data. This allows you to select a template to work along with lots of features and options.

With AppSheet one can easily integrate data from multiple sources including Google sheets, Excel from Microsoft 365, and even Salesforce. In addition, you can import saved spreadsheets on OneDrive or DropBox, or even from MySQL server.



Appian offers free 30 days trial. However, it has two editions to offer i.e. Application edition: $75/user/month, and Enterprise edition: $150/user/month. Appian is an enterprise mobile application development platform that promotes “low code” apps. The Appian’s software development is built especially for enterprise app development. Software development optimizes processes with the use of AI to showcase the data comprehensively.

The Appian allows the gathering of data from multiple sources that are unified to provide insights on management workflows. The development process in Appian is carried using the visual editor that helps in analyzing how data is to be routed.

Final words

Top mobile app development platforms are many, but these are the best to fulfill your purpose of application development. If you are finding any queries related to application building platforms or seeking to begin with a new mobile app development project, consult our mobile app development experts at Solvios Technology, LLC, USA.



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